mandag 28. juni 2010

Thought is temporary....dumbness is eternal

Thought is temporary....dumbness is eternal
dumb is subversive and revolutionary, dumb is destructive and terrible,
dumb is merciless
dumb is submissive to privilege, established institutions, and comfortable habit.

I've got a ticket to the Moron city
Where the bells don't really tolls
Getting off the Brain the cold thought
That rushes like bullets through my mind

And I'm divided between cats and larks
But its not about what animal i got
Its about being able to fly
Its about dying times nine
It's about understanding what you see or believe in another misleading Bogus Journalist

søndag 13. juni 2010

HATE und Apologies

and now

BAD APologies

Facebook apocalypse???


onsdag 9. juni 2010

krigspiel ZULU DAWN Luftwaffels


one shot paddy

the occupation

rebels or heroes

Kelly's Irish Brigade

the defeated all of them-the hate

the killing of hope

TO die for dixie dixieland

THE XXI IS JUST BEGGINING BUT is already the bloodiest of all

sudan wars in the XIXth or Vietnam Wars are a pale experiment





 T.E LAWRENCE FROM Akaba to Darʿā, Mission of shia or sunni jiahd in Dara'a,

From Baghdad to Deraa?

Shia Suni Dera and druze درزي, derzī or durzī-Maronite massacre‎ 1860, 1980,201?, دروز, durūz,

Hebrew-palestine, דרוזים, druzim the rivalry and Derʿā festung europa

 festung syria Dura-Europos the circum mediterranean wars are on 2008-20??

 and Afghanistan the centennial war

lørdag 5. juni 2010

Noen kaller dette en humorblogg. Vi kaller det voksenopplæring.

the best blog, simplicity above all...
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Livet i en dagligvareforretning er ikke bare pip-pip-pip. Det er også poser som revner, ølsalg som stenger og melk som lekker.
Og noen ganger litt kjærlighet.
Hvilken vei skal egentlig chipen på bankkortet?

Og noen ganger litt kjærlighet...that's a small thing to do to another person

that's the answer...

we are not machines

we bleed

we love

fredag 4. juni 2010


“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John the dear Jonh

“Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” John 8:36

and the famine freed the people~
Not controlled by obligation or the will of another: felt free to go to the grave...

Pseudoscientific Beliefs

Percentage of Portuguese People who believe “at least to some degree” in these “phenomena”

2010 1999
Astrology 37% 27%
UFOs 3% 4%
Religion 55% 89%
Atheism 17% 6%
Pope pets orgia 34% 4%

In modern usage, an religious orgy is a sex party with priests where guests engage in promiscuous and excessive sexual activity or group sex.
An orgy differs from a swinging party by the fact that swingers at the party engage in twosome and otherwise conventional sexual activities, though not with their permanent sexual partner.

In ancient Greek religion, an orgy (όργιον) was a secret nighttime cultic congregation overseen by an orgiophant (a teacher of sex )a priest

onsdag 2. juni 2010

Citadel Existence-La oss være random, la oss være det sammen

La oss være random, la oss være det sammen
life is absurd.....death whitout consequences

that's all folks.......