fredag 4. juni 2010

Pseudoscientific Beliefs

Percentage of Portuguese People who believe “at least to some degree” in these “phenomena”

2010 1999
Astrology 37% 27%
UFOs 3% 4%
Religion 55% 89%
Atheism 17% 6%
Pope pets orgia 34% 4%

In modern usage, an religious orgy is a sex party with priests where guests engage in promiscuous and excessive sexual activity or group sex.
An orgy differs from a swinging party by the fact that swingers at the party engage in twosome and otherwise conventional sexual activities, though not with their permanent sexual partner.

In ancient Greek religion, an orgy (όργιον) was a secret nighttime cultic congregation overseen by an orgiophant (a teacher of sex )a priest

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