fredag 28. januar 2011


Bilingual People: Our Cesar Cavakus SilVanus

He is charming for old hags, enigmatic, ruthless,

and dedicated, dedicated to what ...well

and obsessed with becoming the most powerful man in Portucale

So when a bit of caustic mucus is a offer of the arch-rival Alegre

is seemingly rejected out of hand,

the only option left to him in his rage of thwarted ambition

is something that hasn't been done for several years: political murder.

Nenhum político foi tão atacado nas presidenciais como cavaco

Todos os outros presidentes tinham podres

Mas não se puxaram e martelaram todos esses podres sistematicamente


Sacred MONSTERS und Human monsters are still human, and the means by and reasons

for which we tame them or destroy them may themselves be of debatable ethical merit.

Porquê Crucificar Cavaco e nunca o ter feito com Soares

Há SAGRADOS monstros e monstros SAGRADOS e uns mais humanos que outros

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